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2 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself About Any Food You Eat.


I was recently talking to my friend Tai Lopez on the phone.

He said, “How do you decide if you’ll eat a food or not?”

I said, “Tai, I’m not Paleo. I’m not Vegan. As a matter of fact, I don’t follow any special diet…

…but instead, I simply ask myself 2 crucial questions about any food I eat: is it nutrient dense and is it digestible?”

Take quinoa for example. It’s a grass. Or a grain, or a pseudograin, depending on who you ask. Whatever. Regardless, it’s very nutrient dense.

But lots of people don’t eat quinoa. As another friend of mine, Vinnie Tortorich says, “F*&k quinoa”.

Why? Because quinoa is coated with saponins – a nasty digestive irritant that makes quinoa far more likely to resist digestion, be pooped out by whatever animal eats it, and propagate it’s seed elsewhere.

Smart stuff.

But I personally eat quinoa. Just the other day I had a nice quinoa salad with goat cheese, flax seeds and olive oil and Medjool dates.

This is because I render quinoa digestible by soaking it overnight in a water and salt mixture, then rinsing the water-soluble saponins off in the morning. Voila! Now it’s not just nutrient dense, but digestible too! Silly quinoa, I’m smarter than you.

On the other hand, take sugar cane, the world’s most harvested crop. Digestible? Highly. Nutrient dense? Not so much – at least compared to things like quinoa, kale, wild caught fish, eggs or blueberries. So I mostly skip that one.

You too should ask yourself those 2 crucial questions about any food you eat: is it nutrient dense, and is it digestible? I get into far more nitty-gritty details n Chapter 11 of my new book “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life“, but for now, use the guide to 40 easy meals below to get you started down the road of nutrient density and digestibility.

Enjoy, and leave your questions, comments and feedback below – along with scrolling to the end of this post to see how you can win over $5000 in free swag when you grab my new book.

Beyond Training diet

What do you think? Do you eat any of these meals? Leave your questions, comments and feed (ha!) back below.

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