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A Step-By-Step Guide to Interpreting Your Bloodwork – Video Walkthrough of Ben’s WellnessFX Blood Panel



Regarding every 3-4 months, I examine my blood with a WellnessFX Performance Panel.

Component of this is pure precautionary medicine. In shorts, I like to know if there are points occurring inside my physical body that may induce me to be constructing up arterial plaque, suffering from hormone deficiencies, or on the threshold of invulnerable system malfunction.

Component of it is the fact that I’& rsquo; m constantly using my body in guinea-pig practices and I need raw information (such as my back-to-back physical body harmful triathlons or my recent 30 pound mass gain experiment).

And ultimately, part of this is that I want to manage to continue in my journey to assist you attain amazing tasks of bodily performance without damaging your physical body –– meanings you have to be healthy and balanced on the inside and healthy outside. That’& rsquo; s not a & ldquo; – guessing game & rdquo;– the only means to absolutely know is to test.

So in the video listed below, I stroll you step-by-step via my blood outcomes and offer you as much important info as I could en route!

-Go here to download a. pdf of the WellnessFX results if you want “& ldquo; close-ups & rdquo; while enjoying the video.

-Visit this site to do a WellnessFX Performance Blood Panel like the one you see in the video clip. Notez Bien: I had the “& ldquo; premium & rdquo; version of the test.

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