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Cayenne Pepper and Swine Flu

The Hidden Story Behind Swine Flu

by Glenn Reschke

With the government constantly reminding us of the threats of swine flu (or H1N1 influenza), and with over 1,600 locals affected in 43 states, one can not aid however wonder just how much is hype and the amount of is honest truth thinking about the less than sterling record our federal government has with taking care of the swine influenza issue.

Even the vaunted and well appreciated Globe Health Company (WHICH) is dealing with increasing objection over their handling of this “degree 5 outbreak.”

The flu (influenza) can be a serious issue. Baseding on the World Wellness Company (WHO), approximately 2 billion individuals may get the swine influenza.

Let’s put that number in viewpoint. There are presently an estimated six billion people in the world.

That means a high-level government company thinks as a lot of as one in 3 folks on this world could fall victim to swine flu.

Conversely, lots of think the THAT is purposely stoking everyone fear. If so, why would they do that? Just what’s the reality right here?

The Hidden Tale Behind Swine Flu, Component 2

This is not the initial time the swine flu has actually achieved headlines in The united state.

Swine influenza has actually existed at the very least since 1918 when it apparently got rid of 500,000 Americans and infected 20 million worldwide. It was in fact initial identified “swine flu” in 1976 after a young solider in Mississippi died from it on February 6, 1976.

As a repercussion, after that Head of state Gerald R. Ford wanted the whole American population of 220 million to be inoculated despite the fact that there was just one reported fatality and 500 or fewer that had fallen ill to it.

Doubters of that choice, featuring Arthur M. Silverstein, the writer of Pure Politics and Impure Science, recommends the impact of Big Pharma medicine business strongly figured into Ford’s choice to vaccinate all Americans due to its resulting huge revenue capacity.

That’s not a surprise.

Ford was severe concerning inoculating all Americans from the swine flu. In 1976, Dr. W. Delano Meriwether was provided the responsibility to guarantee all 220 million Americans be inoculated within one year’s time.

After Pvt. David Lewis’ death on February 6, 1976, as early as mid-March 1976, then CDD supervisor Dr. David J. Sencer had actually mobilized the medical establishment behind Pres. Ford’s $135 million program to inoculate the American people. There was resistance but ultimately Congress moneyed Ford’s plan, passing it August 12, 1976.

Allow’s think about a few vital truths here.

By the federal government’s very own timeline, an injection was discovered somewhere in between February 6, 1976 when Pvt. David Lewis perished and October 1, 1976 when inocoulations started– which’s being charitable.

Realistically, a viable vaccine might only have actually been found someplace between August 12, 1976 to late September– a plain month and a half. Because time, they would’ve needed to collect the funds to examine the disease, discover a succeeding injection, test and accredit it as ready for circulation to the whole public then prepare the mass innoculation plan. Some have appropriately doubted that timeline.

Nonetheless, on October 1, 1976, shots started.

Within weeks various folks suffered serious health disorders. By December 16, 1976, the UNITED STATE government was compelled to suspend the mass inoculation strategy having inoculated around 40 million people for a flu that never came.

Remarkably enough, the medicine firms stressed over negative side effects of the vaccinations and pushed the U.S. federal government be discovered blameworthy for any issues caused. As it ends up, their anxieties were well started. They still made millions and millions though– their true motive.

Let’s think of this for a moment, Ford, the federal government, and the medicine firms in March 1976 wanted every American inoculated despite the fact that just one person had passed away and fewer than 1,000 people had swine flu — despite the fact that a vaccine had not been discovered yet!

Fast ahead to the present. The government says that there isn’t a cure for it– although they pointed out there was in 1976. (In 2012, they point out there is a remedy now.)

Appears skeptical, does not it? Naturally, if one raises such recorded contradictions one is labeled a “conspiracy theory theorist.”

My opinion?

An individual higher up somewhere– most likely a secret culture Head & & Bones elitist scumbag-like person — is smelling an earnings and is manuvering the items on his ouija board with his well-placed pals in The Cabal to money in.

Remember, to sell bad, you need to cover it in the excellent. In this instance, the public’s great. That is their typical modus operandi.

2010 to 2012 Swine Influenza Remedy?

We’re informed there isn’t really a cure for the swine influenza– once again. Although now there is news leaking out that an additional vaccine is close at hand and has actually even been certified.

While I write this, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in England thinks they have unlocked the comprehensive hereditary code for the swine flu, which is important in knowing exactly how the virus operates. Additionally, the potential to identify the vital components of the pc virus is seemingly crucial in the development of a vaccine.

The Russian federal government also claims it is in the process of creating a vaccine.

I’m not saying an allopathic injection cure cannot be located. It might effectively be and I wish there is if it’s legitimate for I have no desire to see folks endure.

The fact is there is an extremely affordable remedy for swine influenza, and influenza in basic, and it’s readily available to almost every person in the world. It’s as close as your neighborhood grocery establishment.

What’s the All-natural Swine Flu Remedy?

Exists An Herbal Cure for Swine Influenza?

There is a cure. It’s not chili pepper, however, although cayenne pepper will certainly fortify your overall health and wellness and invulnerable system. It’s garlic. Yes, garlic.

In Russia, garlic is called the “Russian Penicillin” because of garlic’s powerful antibacterial and vulnerary homes.

Garlic clove was made use of to jail the torment in the Dark Ages in Europe, and as lately as Globe War I it was the medication of selection for addressing injuries as an antibacterial and vulerary representative. It worked as well.

What concerning cayenne pepper?

Chili pepper has had success in addressing scarlet fever, typhoid high temperature, yellow high temperature, and reduced fevers with other antiseptic therapeutic-action representatives or medicinal natural herbs.

While it is an accentuator herb, it’s not ideal or excellent for eradicating swine flu or any sort of influenza, garlic and red onions are. (Notice exactly how both of those plants are in the Liliaceae household.)

That’s not to say that cayenne pepper shouldn’t be utilized. It must be. Cayenne is one of the most powerful foods/medicinal spices in the globe and need to belong of everybody’s wellness regimen, in my point of view.

Even more to the factor, it will likewise highlight the efficacy of the garlic clove.

Cayenne Can Collaborate with Flu

That’s not to say cayenne pepper doesn’t work in eradicating or reducing influenza. It does. It’s merely that garlic clove is all set created influenza as a result of its incredible and unparallelled disinfectant and vulnerary homes.

Yes, cayenne works well.swine flu natural cure

One John Heinerman, Ph. D in one of his health publications went over a flu-fighting elixir he uncovered while doing individual medicine research in the Mexican Yucatan peninsula. Heinerman was stricken with the flu and on the recommendations of a local mayan people medicine man, he juiced sour oranges and added a small quantity of chili pepper.

Heinerman reounts exactly how he struggled to consume it however he doinged this. After rinsing and taking in the mixture (2 glasses), he went to sleep. In the morning, he really felt “100 percent better” (p. 37). After returning to The united state, he wondered regarding the harmony, if any, in between vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and the capsaicin in chili pepper and found that vitamin C’s potency and longevity is dramatically improved when some chili pepper is included in it against when it’s taken alone.

Heinerman discovered that the vitamin C “continues to be in the physical body practically twice as long and works much more powerfully than on its own” (ibid.). In Heinerman’s opinion, “The best combo I know, even a lot more powerful than synthetic antibiotics for clearing infections of any kind, are garlic, goldenseal, cayenne pepper and vitamin C” (ibid.).

Heinerman found out very first hand exactly what other naturopathic doctors and master herbalists have long asserted: chili pepper draws attention to the nutritional potency and efficacy of microbiological nutrients. In numerous of his herbal formulas, naturopathic medical professional Dr. John R. Christopher regularly included cayenne to his methods as an accentuating broker– even his eye health and wellness methods!

Finally, something strikes me concerning this combination Heinerman uncovered many thanks to a local mayan or Mexican individual healer. It’s fantastic that this beverage has ingredients that are so conveniently offered to any individual in the civilized globe and is very low-cost.

That is just one of the reasons I am enchanted with alternate means. They really function and they are cost-effective– no wonder the clinical establishment dislikes them and looks for to keep their efficiency quiet.

The general public is becoming considerably mindful of the advantages of natural foods and natural herbs. It’s also been mentioned that mushrooms help fight the flu. Yes, mushrooms. You could review concerning it below:

There are those who mark down entirely injections in the homeopathic neighborhood. I could see why yet I’ll leave that conversation for one more day.

Nonetheless, I have actually constantly felt the best scenario for optimal health and healing is for a marriage in between natural, natural medicine like medicinal herbs and allopathic medicine (in other words western medication). I wouldn’t claim that, sadly.

orange juice and cayenne pepperThere’s simply too much money made with pharmaceutical drugs and in over-priced health care treatments for the medical neighborhood to suddenly regurgitate their hands and confess they have actually lied for many years and have actually conspired to keep the public at night relating to legit cures.

Review just what the clinical establishment and government have done to Kevin Trudeau, Dr. John R. Christopher, Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Harvey Precious stone, Dr. Gerson and a great deal of others that seek or sought to inform everyone about alternative, non-allopathic health care interventions like medical natural herbs.

Once again, I suppose, that’s a story for another day.

I do understand, however, that the HIN1 or Swine Flu “epidemic” has actually already paid for at the very least one medicine firm. Visit this link bring about a post by the Commercial Diary to see for on your own.

Verdict: Swine Flu and Chili pepper

Several believe the THAT prompted unecessary alarm system by intensifying its cautions against swine flu. That’s arguable. Exactly what is overblown is the supposed incurability of this certain strain of flu.

Also allopathic medical analysts on both sides of the Atlantic now point out and confirm openly that they believe swine flu or H1N1 influenza is eminently treatable. Considering the government’s past here, I’m not visiting offer them my sincere rely on just yet.

There’s been a remedy all along. It’s garlic. Yes, that simple and simple natural herb that the majority of think is merely a splendid cooking broker in Asian, American and Italian food preparation.

Cayenne pepper will certainly aid in keeping the blood clean and in maintaining a healthy circulatory system and is a powerful agent with vitamin C, but on the whole, garlic is the herbalist’s and naturopathic physician’s selection in curing flu or any kind of severe strain of influenza like the swine influenza.

Finally, if you’re interested in nutritional supplementing or exploring with cayenne pepper, you can obtain additional information concerning getting good quality cayenne at this blog within this website.

I hope you located this info beneficial.

Yours in wellness,
CayennePepper. information

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