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Get Six Free and 99 Cent Endurance Training Books from Ben Greenfield!


Great news! I’ve decided to offer SIX books from me and other Endurance Planet authors for .99 cents or free, for the next 6 weeks only.

So what’s Endurance Planet?

Hosted by coach and fitness guru Tawnee Prazak, Endurance Planet is one of the top outdoor sports podcasts in iTunes, and features interviews with coaches and athletes in the world of ultra running, marathoning, cycling, swimming, triathlon, adventure racing, and mountaineering.

Endurance Planet has been producing 3-5 podcasts a week since 2006 (meaning there’s an enormous amount of awesome training, racing and coaching advice in the archives), and in 2011, I personally took over as owner of Endurance Planet. At that point, we began publishing books too.

Each of those books is now available to you as a free or 99 cent download for the next six weeks only. Consider it a perk for being a reader of my content, and if you feel giant-hearted, please leave a glowing review after you get a chance to check each book out.

Alright, ready? Just add these dates to your calendar and go download away! Here are the details for each book (and as a bonus, every book below includes a free video and a 10-30 minute audio overview read by each author).


Week 1) 1/27 thru 1/31 FREE book: Endurance Sports for Kids: A Guide To Getting Your Kids Into Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming And More!


The miracle of a quiet, under-confident kid that discovers his/her inner strength through accomplishments in sports, and their stories are both moving and inspirational.

There is something about finishing a race and giving it your all that lifts you up for a lifetime.

There is something unique and family-like about being part of a team. And there is something about all kids having more adults who care about them.

But it must be done right. Kids need to be introduced to sports with immense care and proper instruction. Parents or coaches who do this wrong will ensure that the kid-athletes will burn out and leave their sports during adolescence or earlier, perhaps never to return. But done right everyone will enjoy becoming healthier and grow from the experience.

Inside, you will discover:

-Why endurance sports for kids are important
-Ways to lead kids into endurance sports safely and patiently
-How endurance sports form lifelong active habits
-How they give kids a sense of identity
-How endurance sports for kids can strengthen families

This book is a free Amazon Kindle download from 12am 1/27 through 11:59pm 1/31. Grab it now or use this link to grab it later:


Week 2) 2/3 thru 2/7 $0.99 book: Endurance Training Nutrition: Top 20 Fueling Myths Exposed

endurancenutritionAre you tired of the same old sports nutrition advice not working for you? Do you feel crappy during your long workouts? Are you confused about what to grab from the grocery store shelf?

Then keep reading because Ironman triathlete and sports nutrition coach Ben Greenfield exposes 20 of the most common sports nutrition and exercise fueling myths for you in his information packed book, “Endurance Training Nutrition: Top 20 Fueling Myths Exposed”.

You’ll discover why these myths are wrong, and what you can do about it to balance your gut, maximize your health, your energy and your performance. All your frustrations about what to eat before, during and after your workout are about to be solved!

You’ll learn the shocking truth about popularly held sports nutrition beliefs, including:

-How everything you know about pre-workout nutrition is probably not true…
-How everything you know about pre-workout nutrition is probably not true…
-Why you don’t need to eat within 20-60 minutes after a workout like everybody tells you…
-How the “Glycemic Index” is a fairly useless tool for measuring carbohydrate values….
-Why whole wheat is not as healthy as you may think…
-How not drinking enough water can still lead to water intoxication…
-Why health foods and energy bars are actually making you slower…
-Why “eating too much” is rarely the cause of gas and bloating during your workout…

-And much much more!

After reading this book, whether you’re a recreational exerciser or an advanced athlete, you’ll change the way you think about fueling your body.  Suddenly, your pre and post-workout eating will become an easy decision, and you’ll no longer need to fret about what you’re going to eat to fuel your long workout.

This book is guaranteed to re-invent the way you fuel your body and answer all your workout and sports nutrition questions!

This book is a $0.99 Amazon Kindle download from 12am 2/3 through 11:59pm 2/7. Grab it now or use this link to grab it later:


Week 3) 2/10 thru 2/14 $0.99 book: The Low Carbohydrate Diet For Triathletes 

lowcarbIf you are an athlete attempting to lose weight, teach your body how to more efficiently burn fat, limit blood sugar fluctuations, eliminate bloating and gas, then a low carbohydrate diet is an excellent choice for you.

Unfortunately, most low carbohydrate diets do not take into consideration the high activity levels of endurance athletes, and increase risk of extremely low energy and immune system deficits due to inadequate energy intake.

Here are just a few of the weight loss and performance enhancing gems you will discover inside:

-Why utilization of fat for energy cannot happen if the body is constantly drawing on carbohydrate reserves and blood glucose for energy.
-How the burning of fat for energy does not create this same cellular damage as when glucose is used to create energy.
-Why you don’t need to load with carbohydrate before a race.
-Who should not choose a low carbohydrate diet.

The “Low Carbohydrate Diet For Triathletes”, by Ben Greenfield, is the first book to address the practical steps involved with implementing a low carbohydrate diet and still succeeding in endurance sports.

This book is a $0.99 Amazon Kindle download from 12am 2/10 through 11:59pm 2/14. Grab it now or use this link to grab it later:


Week 4) 2/17 thru 2/21 $0.99 book: Endurance Planet’s Guide to Elevation: Practical Tips For Living, Eating And Training At Altitude

elevationAltitude training and racing information can be confusing. There are scores of supplements, gear, and training strategies that so-called “experts” recommend to keep you from biological disaster at altitude. We turned to a seasoned endurance athlete who actually lives, eats and trains at high altitude every day to sort this out for you.

Here are just a few of the performance proven gems you will discover inside:

-Mountain High Experience – exactly what happens to your body when you get into elevated conditions…
-Going To Altitude – the system and steps necessary to prepare your body for training or racing at elevation…
-Fueling and Hydration – how drinking water and eating changes at altitude, and what you can do about it…
-High Altitude Training – how to handle your high altitude training sessions, and what to do if you can’t get there to train…
-Racing In Thin Air – how to race and properly pace in thin air, along with swimming tips, cycling tips and running tips…
-Going From High Altitude to Sea Level – what to expect when you reverse the scenario and go from high to low to train or

The Guide to Elevation is guaranteed to give you the confident edge you need for top performance at altitude!  Everything you need to optimize your performance and overall workout capacity is revealed in this easy to follow book. You  will now be able to successfully avoid discomfort and susceptibility to injury that are synonymous with altitude training and  racing.

This book is a $0.99 Amazon Kindle download from 12am 2/17 through 11:59pm 2/21. Grab it now or use this link to grab it later:


Week 5) 2/24 thru 2/28 $0.99 book: Real Food Basics: Endurance Planet’s Recipes For Long Workouts

realfoodDo you ever wish you didn’t have to eat gels, bars and sports drinks during all those long training sessions, but you don’t quite know what actually works?

Then get ready for “Real Food Basics: Endurance Planet’s Recipes For Your Long Workouts”. This book jam-packed with amazing recipes to fuel your long workouts. All made from real food that is actually healthy for you and won’t destroy your body, your gut or your teeth while you’re out on those long hikes, bike rides, runs and other endurance training sessions!

Through fabulous recipes, anecdotes and practical instruction, you’ll learn:

-The logistics of carrying and eating real food on training sessions…
-Mouth-watering pre-workout breakfast dishes…
-Portable real food recipes to fuel your long workouts…
-Nourishing and nutrient-packed soups and appetizers…
-Tempting side dishes & sauces to dress up your post-workout meals…
-Main dishes that will top off your energy stores for the next workout…
-And everything else you need to ensure you don’t have to damage your body with the typical fake, engineered and funny tasting fuel!

When you make the switch to real foods to fuel your body you will find increased energy and stamina are in abundance and your recovery times are much shorter.

This book is a “must have” for every serious endurance athlete’s quest for optimal performance.

This book is a $0.99 Amazon Kindle download from 12am 2/24 through 11:59pm 2/28. Grab it now or use this link to grab it later:


Week 6) 3/3 thru 3/7 $0.99 book: Run With No Pain

rwnpAre you finally ready to be rid of that nagging, chronic low back pain when you run? Learn these simple exercises and you’ll quit paying for expensive medical visits and fake treatments and finally cure your low back pain forever!

Inside, you’ll discover how these 4 Simple Steps will replace spendy treatments and eliminate pain…

1- Explanation of why your back hurts when you’re active.
2- Complete “Reboot” program for your back.
3- Foundation phase to keep the Reboot permanent.
4- Go run pain-free!

This Low Back Pain Book will…

-Teach you why your back is hurting when you’re physically active or sitting…
-Provide realignment program with videos & written instructions…
-Give you a foundation program to keep your back pain-free for life…
-Let you confidently return to your sport, training and competition!

This book is a $0.99 Amazon Kindle download from 12am 3/3 through 11:59pm 3/7. Grab it now or use this link to grab it later:


Questions, comments or feedback about these free books? Just leave your thoughts below, and don’t forget to review any book that you get!