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How To Use Food As Your Body’s Fat Loss Language.

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Last week, in the post “21 Steps To Optimizing Your Diet And 11 Foods You Need To Stop Eating Now“, you learned about the book “Deep Nutrition” and all about the concept of why your genes need traditional food.

Today, Deep Nutrition author and physician Dr. Cate Shanahan is featured on the podcast to delve into how the way your body interprets the food you eat in a way that you can make you either lean or fat – depending on your food choice.

You’re going to discover…

-Why information is more important than energy, and why calories don’t count…

-The Deep Nutrition formula for weight loss

-Why you’ll never get on Baywatch without body fat

-Why supplements don’t work

-The problem with distorted fats

-Where stem cells fit in

-Why starvation diets fail and moderation or small food portions are actually not a good idea

-6 factors that make you build fat

-6 factors that eliminate fat

-How inflammation makes fat like cancer

-Why you need to “feel” your exercise, even if it’s aerobic

-3 habits of successful exercisers

-And much more!

If you have questions, comments or feedback about using food as fat loss language, leave your thoughts below, and don’t forget to grab Cate’s book Deep Nutrition, which I highly recommend!