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Is Weed Healthy? The Controversial Truth About The Science Of Marijuana.

science of weed


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The video below tells the story of Sadie, an 11-month-old baby who suffered from 300 seizures per day. She was given Cannabidiol, an oil-based extract of marijuana.

What happens next blew my mind.

Grab a Kleenex and watch.

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The truth is, marijuana – although an extremely controversial drug – has been proven to be effective for medical issues like:

-Epilepsy (seizures)
-Muscle Tension
-Crohn’s & Colitis
-And much, much more…

My guest in today’s podcast, Dr. James Schmachtenberger, has made it his goal – as the executive producer a new documentary called “The Science of Weed” – to put the truth and real facts in the hands of those who need marijuana-based medicine, so they can make informed decisions about utilizing cannabis not as a recreational drug per se, but instead as an effective treatment method for health issues.

In today’s podcast, James and I discuss:

-Hemp oil drops/hemp oil spray

-The difference between medicinal cannabis and weed…

-The best medicinal uses of marijuana…

-How you can use marijuana without side effects of endocannibanoids…

-Why the WADA has marijuana listed as a banned substance for athletes…

-How you can use marijuana to sleep better or beat insomnia…

-Whether marijuana is effective as an anti-inflammatory…

-Do you have to be careful with mold and fungi in marijuana, and how do you know your sources are “good”…

-Is weed addictive?

Do you have more questions about weed, and how it can be used as medicine? Leave your thoughts and comments below, and check out The Science of Weed documentary here.