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Secrets Of The Navy Seals: How To Train, Eat & Think Like The World’s Toughest Fighters

mark divine


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If you read the article “Look, Feel and Perform Like An Ancient Spartan Warrior – How To Become An Absolute Physical Beast“, then you know that in an effort to challenge my body and mind, I’m personally adding some epic events to my 2014 calendar, such as the Spartan Beast, the SEALFIT Academy and the SEALFIT Kokoro Camp.

How about you?

Do you want to know how to train, eat and think like the world’s toughest fighters?

Turn yourself into an absolute physical beast?

Or perhaps just get the mental edge to be tough when it really counts?

Then today’s podcast with Commander Mark Divine (pictured above) is for you. Mark is the mastermind behind SEALFIT. His certifications, experience, and honors include:

-CPA, New York State
-BUD/s class 170 Honor man
-SEAL TEAM 3 Platoon CDR
-Commanding Officer, NR SEAL TEAM 1
-Commander, US Navy Reserves
-Colonel, Kentucky Order of Colonels
-Ambassador, SEAL (NSW) Foundation
-Ashtanga Yoga Instructor training
-Combat Defense Master Trainer
-S.C.A.R.S. Military H2H instructor
-Seido Karate: black belt
-Goju Ryu Karate: black belt
-Saito Ninjutsu: brown belt
-Various CrossFit and Self Defense certifications

Mark is the author of several forthcoming books, including 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind, and during this show, you’ll discover:

-Mark’s unique story of how he went from financial accountant to Navy SEAL…

-Some of the craziest things that happen during the Seal’s infamous “Hell Week”…

-Mark’s top tip to deal with extreme cold and fluctuations in temperature…

-2 potent tricks the Navy Seals use to deals with sleep deprivation…

-5 components of fitness to make you extremely physically tough…

-A sample workout to see if you’re fit enough to be a Navy SEAL…

-What the SEALs do about overtraining, and how to make sure you don’t overtrain…

Questions, comments or feedback about How To Train, Eat & Think Like The World’s Toughest Fighters? Leave your thoughts below and either myself or Commander Mark Divine will answer!