Nutrition, Fitness, & Weight Loss in Colorado Springs

S.W. ~ Colorado Springs

Last summer, I was experiencing some health issues that caused me to consult a doctor on several occasions. After multiple visits with no resolve, Erika recommended her services with Ahisma Wellness. I was at the point where I was willing to try anything, and I am grateful I did.
After the first session of eliminations, I immediately began noticing a change. Erika walked me through each step of her program with great detail. She included assignments, handouts and even recipes that would help the elimination process be that much easier. I went through the program during the holiday season, which seemed a little daunting. Erika reassured me by giving me exciting new recipes to try and even showed me ways to modify my own recipes with just a few changes in ingredients so I could still enjoy my favorite meals!
This experience was very beneficial and it opened my eyes to knowing how foods affect my body. It was fascinating to see that certain foods do actually cause a reaction for me and to be aware of how I feel once I consume them. After completing the program I discovered the cause to my health concerns and even uncovered a few allergies that I wasn’t even aware of.
I would highly recommend Erika’s services to anyone who is interested in learning about food and nutrition to better their lives.