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What It Looks Like When A Hard Charging Athlete Businessman Gets The Most Comprehensive Blood Test On The Face Of The Planet.

Photo of many viles of blood


This week, I took a deluxe deep dive into the inner workings of my blood and biomarkers. The best way to think about blood testing is this: it’s like paying attention to your check-engine light instead of waiting for smoke to shoot out of the hood.

WellnessFX describes the Premium Panel I just did (which included the 16 vials of blood pictured above) as the…

“…most comprehensive and exclusive diagnostic package yet, gives you VIP-level access to every biomarker we offer..”


They call it “The Premium Panel” and you can read more about this state-of-the-art biochemical and genetic marker testing by clicking here. So what’s it look like when a hard charging athlete businessman like myself does the most comprehensive blood test on the face of the planet? Let’s delve in with the screenshot video below, which includes all my results and an explanation of everything.

If I were going over lab results with one of my clients, I’d spend a good 60 minutes on a lab like this, but figured I’d give you the quick play-by-play in a shorter video. If you have trouble seeing anything, here’s a .pdf download of my WellnessFX results. Enjoy, leave your questions below in the comments section!


[embedded content]



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-.pdf download of my WellnessFX results I outline above

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-“The Thyroid Sessions” online workshops

-One-on-one consultation with me to discuss YOUR blood/biomarker testing results



After watching the video and reviewing the resources above, some of you more astute readers may be asking yourself: What about the gut? Parasites? Yeast? Fungus? Bacteria? Does this blood panel test any of that?

The answer is no.

To test your gut, you need a “poop panel”.

So, tomorrow I am launching into Phase 2 of my big yearly check-up: a GI Effects Gastrointestinal Comprehensive Panel – ordered directly to the comfort of my own bathroom from DirectLabsThe methodology used in this panel combines DNA Analysis, GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry), Microscopic, Colorimetric (test for the presence of enzymes, specific compounds, antibodies, hormones and many more substances), Automated Chemistry and EIA (enzyme immunoassay uses antibodies and color change to identify a substance).

In other words, I’ll find out if I have any critters or bacterial overgrowth in my gut – issues that can cause everything from brain fog to insomnia to decreased physical performance (issues I discuss in my “How To Fix Your Gut” blog post).

So yes, I shall alight my Squatty Potty, have a nice poop, and keep you posted on the results. After all, we’re all friends here, right?

In the meantime, leave your questions, comments and feedback about this comprehensive blood test below and I promise to reply. You can also click here to schedule a one-on-one consultation with me to discuss your results.