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World’s Leading Experts Reveal 9 Top Tips For Bulletproofing Your Body From Colds And Flus



I hope you’re ready to bulletproof your body from colds and flus, because in today’s post, I’ve gone straight to the experts: the esteemed board members of the Superhuman Coach Network.

When it comes to natural healing and healthy living, these are some of the brightest minds on the face of the planet, and today, they have their top tips to maximize the strength of your immune system.

Let’s jump right in…

Dr. Phil Maffetone, coach, author and physiologist 

“I’ve recommended many natural remedies for colds and flu, and tried most for myself. Aside from being healthier to prevent these infections, the most effective single remedy is simply sitting in the sun to provide the body with a “shot” of vitamin D. Even in most winter locations, 15-20 minutes of as much sun exposure to as much skin as possible will work wonders to ward off illness.”


Nora Gedgaudas

Nora Gedgaudas, author Primal Body, Primal Mind

“For shoring up your immune function during cold and flu season here’s–RULE#1: DO NOT OVEREAT. In fact, if you feel you have been exposed to a bug or feel something coming on, then light fasting is an excellent idea. Digestion takes more energy than just about any other daily human activity. Placing excessive burden on your digestive processes diverts energy and resources that might otherwise be devoted to better quality immune function…

…avoiding sugar and starch in particular, here is critical. A high glycemic meal can decimate your leukocytic index (your primary immune response) for 2-4+ hours following it. Glucose also further attracts undesirable free radical activity (glycation), is acidifying to the system (favoring pathogens) and increases insulin production (taking away from your internal repair, immune and maintenance processes). Sugar also literally feeds pathogens. ALL carbs (except indigestible fiber) are sugar once they reach your bloodstream. This includes bread, cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice, juices (yes–even orange juice), grains (even whole or sprouted grains), corn, milk (especially low-fat/non-fat–very high in sugars), legumes (are about 60% starch) and other sugary/starchy carbs…

…also, consuming excesses of protein up-regulate the metabolic pathway mTOR (which you can read about in Primal Body-Primal Mind in more detail) additionally suppressing internal repair and maintenance processes. Best to consistently moderate your protein intake–but particularly if you happen to be immune compromised…

…use fats like coconut oil and poultry fat (both of which contain effective antimicrobial compounds) to help support your inner troops! Bone broths and light soups top the list of immuno-supportive meals when you’re fighting that bug! Supporting your internal wildlife with ample coconut kefir and cultured veggies is an added plus. None of these suggestions is costly and can serve to hugely augment the effects of any quality supplements you may want to add to this mix! If you can’t afford to do that then just sticking to Rule #1 might just help carry you through.”


David MinkoffDr. David Minkoff, Lifeworks Wellness Center

“This works: Vitamin A 150,000 units daily x3 + Zinc lozenge every 8 hours + Cold Eeze as directed + Cyclone Drops (2 droppers every hour) + Vitamin C as Vitality C, 1 scoop is 4 grams, every hour until stools loose. Then take Immuno Pro 3 every couple hour along with Silverbiotic gel and liquid, gel in the nose and 1 tablespoon of liquid, gargle and swallow every 4 hours.”


Jimmy Moore, author and health advocate

“I stay relatively free from the ravages of cold and flu season by implementing three very easy-to-implement strategies:

1) Nourish by body with healthy real food-based saturated fats and protein sources without overloading my body with excessive carbohydrates that can weaken my immune system;

2) regular daily supplementation of a 5,000-10,000IU of a high-quality Vitamin D3 gelcap; and;

3) making sure I get at least 8 hours of deep, sound sleep nightly by lowering light exposure to my eyes when the sun goes down. These are all highly effective at bulletproofing your body against the coughs, sniffles and sneezes that everyone else around you are trying desperately to medicate.”


roger drummerRoger Drummer, Diplomat of Chinese Medicine

“I find building a strong immune system is the best for prevention and a quick recovery from colds or flus. Reduce your stress, stay away from sugar and take a multiple mushroom formula on a regular basis.”


Jeff SpencerDr. Jeff Spencer

“One incredibly powerful means of preventing colds is the following use of colloidal silver gel as an antibacterial immune defense barrier. Here’s how:

1. Put small 1/4-inch dab of colloidal silver gel on pinkie finger tip and line inner nostril as high as possible to create an anti-bacterial barrier between the air entering the nose carrying germs and nasal membranes.

2. Put an 3/8-inch wide bead of colloidal silver gel 1-inch long into a teaspoon then place the spoon in the mouth, remove the silver gel from the spoon and swish it around in mouth until all the teeth, gums and tongue have a thin layer of silver gel on them that act as anti-bacterial barrier between the mouth membranes and the air entering the mouth.”


Dr Mark SircusDr. Mark Sircus

Oral or transdermal sodium bicarbonate, oral iodine and oral or transdermal magnesium, along with selenium, would be number one. A Biomat is essential too – especially if you get the flu.”


Dr. Toby Hallowitz

“Fever is part of the body’s normal response to infection. A person’s ability to generate a fever is an eloquent demonstration of his/her body’s innate self-healing potential. The immune system’s response to infection is an amazing and intricate process. Additional white blood cells are manufactured.  These cells destroy bacteria and viruses and also remove damaged tissue and irritating materials from the body. The activity of the white blood cells increases, and they move rapidly to the site of infection. Antibody production increases by as much as 20-fold. You get sleepy and loose your appetite. This conserves energy for natural defense and repair…

…the elevated body temperature in fever kills certain bacteria and viruses. Iron is being removed from the blood and stored in the liver. Many bacteria need iron for survival. An elevated body temperature is integral to this process.  Hippocrates knew this when he said, “give me a fever and I can cure any disease.” Suppressing the fever may interfere with healing and prolong the infection…

Wet Sock Hydroptherapy (click here for free .pdf) can support the immune system and dramatically decrease healing time.”


Ben GreenfieldBen Greenfield

“Use 10 drops oil of oregano in the morning and evening, either straight into your mouth or mixed into a glass of water. Double the dose when traveling or exposed to cold or flu. And sleep. Lots. If you actually do get sick or start to feel something coming on, find yourself the nearest grocery store and load up on lemons and ginger. Boil the ginger and squeeze a lemon into it. Lemon-ginger tea is extremely therapeutical.”




You’re now prepared with the knowledge you need to bulletproof your body from colds and flus during this perilous season. Now I’m not saying you need to do everything described above, but this information will help you find a system that works personally for you. During simply sickness, such as the common cold, you may indeed simply need “more sun”, and during very difficult flus or immune system attacks, you may need to bring out more techniques, such as supplements or significant dietary modifications.

Finally, if you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist, physician, work in any other sector of fitness, nutrition or health, or simply want to take your knowledge to the next level, then you can apply to the Superhuman Coach Network to tap into these masterminds, access a 24-7 support forum, and undergo a 12 month certification program under my personal oversight. We don’t accept everyone who applies, but if you’re a good fit, you’ll hear back within 72 hours after completing the application here.

And by the way, you can hear a few of my other tips for stopping colds and flus in a recent “Pros and Cons” podcast interview released last week. Enjoy, and leave your questions, comments and feedback below – along with your own tips!